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Our primary business is as an export international wholesale food distributor, whereby we source USA manufactured foods from major USA packers-producers and consolidate them in our Tampa, FL warehouse for export in dry and refer ocean containers to world wide markets.

"J.P. Marketing Tampa, Fl. Warehouse"

Our supply chain management criteria can help you source USA origined goods at the best possible price while affording you better cash management and improved inventory turns.

J.P. Marketing was founded in 1993 by John, a 20 year veteran of the food processing and marketing industry. As a former president of two major food processing companies, his experience and industry contacts have enabled the company to grow and expand with sales growth attaining new levels each year.

Targeted Clients:

  1. Global food importers - distributors interested in sourcing USA origined foods goods. We can source USA national brands or private label packaging with qualifying sales volumes.
  2. International retail super market chains

Services Provided:

  1. Warehousing and consolidation of goods, loading in 20-40ft ocean shipping containers. We can load up to 56,000 lbs of assorted goods in 40ft containers.
  2. Freight forwarding services and logistics
  3. Prices quoted FOB delivered to closest port of entry or FOB main USA port of export

Products and USA Brands:

Some of our Retail Brands:
  1. Salad Dressings: Kraft, Marzetti, Ventura Brands
  2. Sauces: BBQ, Mustards, Red Hot sauces: Frenchs
  3. Kraft-Nabisco Products
  4. Conagra Products
  5. Pinnacle Foods
  6. Specialty Brands
  7. Baumer Foods
  8. Cargill Foods
  9. Contina
  10. Bruce Foods
  11. Kellogs
  12. Tyson-Excel and Bruss

Frozen Foods:

  1. Meats and Seafood's
  2. Poultry
  3. Pork
  4. Processed Prepared Foods
  5. Appetizers
  6. Fruits and Vegetables


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Tel: 813-818-8500
Fax: 813-855-1352

Mailing Address:

J.P Marketing, Inc.
PO Box 261674
Tampa, FL
33684 USA

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