• Q: How much product from different suppliers do I need to order as a minimum?
    A: Many suppliers of dry goods have certain minimum shipping quantities, however since we are sourcing from most USA suppliers, in order to get the best price, full pallet quantity of each item are preferred. We can inform you the minimum quantities upon request. Contact us for less than pallet quantity pricing.

  • Q:  How are prices determined?
    A: Prices are based on volumes needed and order quantities. Contact us for pricing. We are able to buy at better prices and pass these savings on to you when the quantities are larger.

  • Q: Do you quote FOB export port or delivered?
    A:  We normally quote FOB main export port, USA. We can quote C and F main port of destination upon request for full 20ft or 40ft containers. (Dry or Refers).

  • Q:How much time do you normally need to get the goods to your warehouse and consolidate them in 40ft containers?
    A: Depending on the product approx 2-4 weeks.

  • Q:What are your payment terms?
    A: Letters of credit, cash against documents, other payment options can be considered on a case by case situation based on your credit rating, bank experiences, and financial strength.

  • Q: Can you purchase from all USA food companies?
    A. Yes, we purchase from most USA food suppliers on a regular basis and have open lines of credit with them.


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